Mitsubishi Rock Tools products are manufactured from highly wear resistant steel and our own in house Japanese produced Mitsubishi carbide inserts.


Mitsubishi, using state of the art technology, produces high resistance steel products that provide clients with perforation steels of the highest quality and performance. 


Wide variety of couplings, adapters and steel fishing tools that are highly resistant to finalize your projects with confidence.


Mitsubishi provides a complete line of shanks for leading drill manufacturers.


Drill Steel Lubricants are environmentally preferred, lead free compounds specifically designed for percussion drilling.

Lay Flat Hoses

Flexible lay flat hoses offer many advantages over more inflexible types of hoses or pipes, for example in terms of transport and storage volumes, handling and usage.


A separator that holds its shape under pressure maintaining maximum filtering surface area for improved performance.

Super Maxbit

The SUPER MAXBIT is a casing advancement drilling system, advancing the casing as it drills.  It is designed for drilling into gravel, sand, clay, stone and surfaces that easily collapse.

DTH Hammer

We can provide bits for QL-8,6 and 5 DTH hammers in a variety of sizes from  4-1/8 "to 12".

Ground Anchor Systems

Anchor systems for either rock or soil, mechanized systems of anchors, Manta Ray anchor and many other products.

Specialized Bits

Specialized bits for the construction industry, such as seismic bits for mining and wells.

Specialized bits

Tricone bits of the highest quality.