We have 45 year of experience in drilling, mining, blasting, quarrying industries mainly on drilling and blasting programs.

We have 45 year of experience in drilling, mining, blasting, quarrying, and construction industries with main emphasis on drilling and blasting programs and maintenance programs. Examples of projects are:
Start-up of Tonkin Springs Project, Nevada, USA, with attendant selection of personnel, truck shop design, equipment selections, general mine operations supervision and explosives dump layout.
Introduced modern mining practices to 1,200 M.T~ per day quarry operation in Carolina, Puerto Rico.
Given charge of workshops for large fleet of heavy earth-moving and bridge construction equipment on $15,000,000 canter-lever bridge project in Utuado, Puerto Rico.
Start-up of Pueblo Viejo in the Dominican Republic which was considered one of the world's largest open pit gold mine until 1982. In 1986, after 12 years of operation, production was 370,000 T/oz Au and 1.5 million T/oz Ag.

BLAST-TECH, Panama, Republic of Panama 
Operations Manager & Superintendent of Special Projects
Organizing programs for safety and equipment service. Acquiring new contracts, helping new and old clients with my mining experience to increase production, by utilizing their equipment more proficiently, maintaining level floors and improving haul roads.
Two trips to Honduras, San Martin Mine, training four drilling crews on IR D45 drills.  Mine was unable to blast enough material ahead of loading equipment.
Drilling contract for 12 months with Skanska on their hydroelectric project in Gualaca Project, Chiriquí.

BROWN & ROOT, INC. –Houston, U.S.A  MINAS SANTA ROSA, Veraguas, Republic of Panama
Project Superintendent  Position that brought more responsibilities as all department superintendents came under me, including the safety department.  Regular planning meetings with Minas Santa Rosa Engineers.  Also acting as General Manager for B&R during the resident B&R General Manager's absences. 
Superintendent Night Shift
Supervising the movement of 16,500mt of ore and waste per shift with cat 992D, 777-C &D9-N equipment, also supervising workshops and maintenance crew.
Superintendent Drilling and Blasting
One-year contract to train four drilling crews on Driltech D4Oks, as well train blasting crew, and supervisor the use of a blend truck and nonel initiation system.
Supervised unloading of B&R’s heavy equipment fleet at Colon and Balboa Docks; helped assemble heavy equipment at mine site; and interviewed over 100 local Panamanians as possible future employees of Brown & Root, Inc.
During B&R’s initial start-up, I also assumed the duties as: Maintenance Superintendent.

Drilling and Blasting Foreman (Newmont Gold's Rain Mine)
Supervising three drills on two 10-hour shifts, six days a week and a five man blasting crew.  Drilled and blasted over 14.5 million tons during the period of this contract.
Rain Mine SMZ Pit had a restriction of no more than two inches per second, PV, when blasting. No blast on SMZ exceeded a PV of 0.8.
From beginning to end of contract, the D&B department did not have one lost-time accident, contract completed ahead of schedule. The Lost Dutchman Company went to chapter eleven at the end of contract due to financial difficulties with the owners Helm’s group Nevada.

DRILLCO TOOLS, INC. - Denver, Colorado, U.S.A
Technical Sales and Service Consultant (One month contract originally)
Tested and demonstrated 4", 5", 6" D. T. H. Hammers, in Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado.  Job ended after six weeks due to design problems, which put the program five months behind schedule.
Returned to the United Kingdom, to comply with USA residential requirements.

Superintendent Mine and Maintenance.
First gold mine to use bio-oxidation technology to pre-treat refractory ores. 
Contracted fuel farm construction and fuel suppliers; drafted truck shop layout; selected and acquired mining equipment; interviewed, hired and supervised mine operations personnel including mine engineer, geologists, surveyor, mine and maintenance supervisors.
Cut haul roads, built explosives magazines compound, etc. and prepare for mine & mill start up. Mine closed about 8 months after star-up and all employees were laid off but I was kept on by new partners.
Upon signing of Joint Venture Agreement, responsible for service and maintenance of exploration vehicle fleet, and mothballing of mill complex, servicing and repairing all pumps.
Joint Venture Partnership closed mine down to an exploration project to try and increase ore reserves.
Blasting Superintendent
Lived on-site to oversee construction of tailing dam, which was contracted.

Quarry Superintendent
Hired to increase production, lower costs, improve maintenance scheduling, on rock moving equipment and crushing and conveyance system, also train drilling and blasting crew, in modern mining techniques for 1,600 M.T. per day quarry operation. (Quarry sold four months later.)
Took charge of workshops and organized maintenance program; supervised construction, ran and maintained 200 ton per hour crushing and screening plant with responsibility for quality control of aggregates; and supervised all drilling and blasting of $15,000,000 cantilever bridge project.

ROSARIO RESOURCES (wholly owned subsidiary of AMAX, Inc.) PUEBLO VIEJO GOLD & SILVER MINE - Dominican Republic
Mine Superintendent
Supervised over 100 men in production for 45,000mt.  per day mill feed and waste construction of large tailings dam; and additional 30,000 mt per day, responsibility for 25-men, and exploration drilling program with 3 exploration drills.
Other responsibilities included working as a liaison to the Dominican Army's Ordinance Department, when unloading explosives shipments at Rio Haina Docks.
General Mine Foreman
Supervised moving of 150,000 M.T. per week by 100 employees blending of milled ore, building access roads, and drilling and blasting supervisor.
Drilling and Blasting General Foreman
Supervised 23 employees drilling and blasting over 100 million tons without accident with full working knowledge of primacord, primadet, nonel detonators, surface delays, down hole delays, and have fabricated primers.

Chief of Heavy Lifts
Supervised 40 employees and 9 cranes in construction of mine mill and support complex of Rosario’s open pit gold mine in the Dominican Republic.  Rosario had offered me a job when mine started and they arranged a position with this company.

Chief Mechanic and Drilling Supervisor
Transferred in 1972 to the Dominican Republic for three exploratory drilling contracts.  Pueblo Viejo Gold Mine, Falconbridge nickel mine, and M.K. Tavera Dam (Grouting)
Roving Troubleshooter
Repaired diamond drills and gas and oil well rigs in above and underground locations seconded to constructors of platform and truck-mounted rigs as advisor. England, Scotland Wales & Ireland.


    2000 – Seminar repair and maintenance Tread blend trucks certificate USA
    1994 - Republic of Panama National Blasting License #120 Category 1ª (current)
    1990 - Nevada Certificate of Registration - Blaster - #B-2 12 (current)
    1987 - Puerto Rican Explosives & Blasting License #001-0038-0000
    1983 - Safety and Use of Explosives Seminar - Atlas Powder International – Certificate U.S.A.
    1979 - Blasting in Open Pits - Bauer Calder Workman, Ins. – Certificate Denver, U.S.A.
    1976 - Troubleshooting on T4 & DM45 Drills - Ingersoll-Rand – Certificate Mexico City
    1976 - Management & Productivity - Coopers & Lybrand Associates - Certificate
    1974 - Dominican Republic's Armed Forces HQ Explosive Permission
    1974 – Rosario Resources Sent me to Arizona U.S.A. for 6 weeks to learn blasting in three of the larger
    copper mine’s near Tucson & Benson


    1980- Member, International Society of Explosive Engineers #8000370